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10 Training Commandments

Everyone should train like an athlete
Posted by Nick Grantham

Thou shalt strive for quality of movement before quantity

Thou shalt use exercises that develop multi-dimensional movements not muscles

Thou shalt embraced bodyweight and free weights

Thou shalt use ground based – ‘Big Bang’ exercises – compound multiple joint (unilateral and bilateral)

Thou shalt train functionally (biomechanics, metabolic, force velocity curve – combination)

Thou shalt use high Intensity interval based cardio

Thou shalt make every session time efficient (short training sessions)

Thou shalt maintain continuity – programmes not workouts

Thou shalt train with Intensity

Thou shalt recognise the importance of invisible Training

What are the key principles that you follow when developing a programme for your client?

Once you have a philosophy everything else falls into place and you are less likely to be one of those coaches that constantly switches training styles or follows gurus.


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