Coaches Upgrade 2.0

Lay the foundations to take your coaching business to the next level after lockdown 2.0, with access to a free live mini-course from the PFCA.

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Join us live on Thursday 19 November @ 2pm GMT

We’re raising the standard of the fitness experience for the everyday athlete, allowing them to have a better fitness journey through expert coaching and care. We’ll help you cultivate even better relationships with your clients, that are driven by results, enjoyment and promoting a long-term vision.

The blend of scientific principles mixed with the subtle art of coaching and communication skills are merely the start of what you’ll learn.

Get free access to a three-part series of weekly webinar sessions starting on Thursday 19 November @ 2pm GMT, that will teach you the tried and tested PFCA frameworks to help you take your business to the next level.

The industry is changing, and a coaches’ role is far more complex than just giving encouraging cues or looking good. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your potential and join our movement today.

Outline of the Course

The ‘Coaches Upgrade 2.0’ course covers the following 3 modules:

Building a Powerful Brand

Whether you’re self-employed or employed by someone else, your own personal coaching brand is vital for your success. Far too many coaches struggle to articulate why they coach and what their business vision is, so this module is all about prioritising you and your progression. We’ll help you figure out your ‘why’, how to craft a brand story and what a good avatar looks like, plus more!

Thursday 19 November, 2pm GMT

Effective Consultation Methods

Most trainer’s success is made or broken in the initial consultations or during the sales call. In this module, we’ll give you the tools you need to be able to ask clients the real questions, as well as motivational interviewing techniques and covering the basics of behavioural change and change psychology, so that you can confidently set client expectations and standards for their progression.

Thursday 26 November, 2pm GMT

Developing Strength

Many clients have an interest in strength training, so in this module, we’ll take you through the basics of the art and science of strength programme design and the methods of skill acquisition. We’ll also examine real-life PCFA client case studies, to help you gain a greater insight into what proven results and success looks like.

Thursday 3 December, 2pm GMT


Enter your details below to sign up to the weekly free 3 part course.
Starts Thursday 19 November @ 2pm GMT.