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Exercise Sequencing

You're bang out of order!
Posted by Nick Grantham

Several factors must be considered when determining the optimal exercise sequence and these are the two key elements that you should take into account to figure out the exercise sequence when writing training programmes for your clients.

1. Priority – This is a pretty good place to start when you are trying to figure out which exercise your client should complete first. As your client progresses through the training session they are going to carry residual fatigue from one exercise to the next. There’s little point waiting until the end of the session to complete the most important exercise. If it’s important (your training priority), train it first!

2. Complexity – Typically programme the more complex exercises towards the beginning of the training session (with the exception of lower level movement quality exercises that may be used to at the start to ‘prime’ the next exercise). There are physiological benefits (less residual fatigue) as well as psychological benefits (your client will have to ‘switch on’ and concentrate straight away which improves the overall quality of the training session). Linked to the complexity of an exercise is the speed of execution. Again typically programme movements that require quick movements towards the start of a training session.


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