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Field Trips

Learning from other fitness professionals
Posted by Nick Grantham

The highlights of the school year were the field trips – museums, zoos, Roman forts…even the crappy ones usually ended up with a good story to tell about the kid who threw up after eating all his packed lunch within 5 minutes of getting on the bus or trying to buy bangers in Calais!!

The point is, good or bad you’ll always get something from taking a field trip, a point that was reinforced when I read Creativity Inc. Creativity Inc is a fantastic book that charts the work of Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar). In the book Catmull reveals the ideals and techniques, honed over years, that have made Pixar so widely admired and so profitable. One of the ideas was the ‘field trip’. Getting out there and spending time in a range of environments, meeting different people and taking on unexpected experiences and learning opportunities.

Conferences and workshops have their place but at best you get a 30-45 snapshot – if you take the time to spend a day behind the scenes you pick up so much more.

Sometimes I head out on a field trip knowing what I want to learn – other times I make a visit not really knowing what I’m going to pick up. The key is…I always leave with some gems.

Stop listening to podcasts, reading blogs etc for just one day…go and visit a coach, talk to them, watch what they do…TAKE A FIELD TRIP!

If you’re already part of the PFCA family then you’ll already have a diverse range of coaches and facilities that you can visit. Spend some time with your fellow fitness professionals…you’ll learn a lot.


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