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Go Hard or Go Home

How do you track training intensity?
Posted by Nick Grantham

So how hard should you train?

A common response may be, ‘go hard or go home!’ I like to think that we are a little bit more sophisticated than that at the PFCA, and one of the simplest methods (yet highly effective) for gauging training intensity was developed by Australian strength and conditioning expert, Ian King. I’ve used this simple scale for more than a decade and it’s always worked really well for me.

Level One: No Fatigue – easy

Level Two: Medium Fatigue – could have completed at least one more repetition

Level Three: High Fatigue – could not have completed another repetition

Level Four: Failure – failed during a repetition

Level Five: Beyond Failure – used ‘forced’ reps to complete the set

I would suggest that for most of you reading this article you will never need to hit level five – for me, once you’ve failed during a repetition, your set is completed.

On the Advanced Workshop we look at how we can use Velocity Based Training (VBT) and affordable wearable technology to add some objectivity to this rating system.


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