Gym Owner Network Commitments

In order for us to serve you to the highest level we each need to make a series of commitments. We will go first…
We are committed to delivering industry leading education, support and giving you access to a safe community. Our commitment is to always bring energy, provide value and education.
We are committed to coaching you through the 5 core pillars of gym success. Create, Market, Sell, Deliver and Lead.
We are committed to challenge. It’s a core principle of ours as your coach to always be honest and challenge you.

Your Commitments

You need to commit to bringing energy, doing the work and always taking high-level ownership within the mentorship. You are committed to the tasks we set out and not doing the work is not an excuse.
Should you have areas of struggle, concern or are in need of support you need to drop a detailed message in the Facebook group with the #ask preface immediately.
Should you be in need of an emergency 1-1 call you need to email info@gymownersnetwork.com with the subject line “Emergency”
You need to commit to being quick to implement, always actioning never second guessing.
This is a 12 month agreement of which both parties are committed to long-term growth. A membership review will occur in month 12 to discuss options going forward?