FFC Fundamentals

Looking to understand the principles behind coaching functional fitness?

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The PFCA team are delighted to announce the brand-new FFC Fundamentals seminar series.

This series is designed for trainers who are new to the industry and want to take their confidence on the gym floor to the next level.

Our coaching days are dedicated to learning, networking and practical skills application. On completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to apply these methods with your clients, and take your learnings straight into your day-to-day coaching sessions.

Outline of the day

This one-day seminar is dedicated to learning, networking and applying practical coaching skills.

Assessment and movement preparation

We’ll go through the specific movement prerequisites required to safely perform specific patterns. We’ll cover how to spot any restrictions – and how to improve on these restrictions. We’ll also teach you how to safely prepare your clients to get the most out of their session and improve overall buy-in.

Mastering the patterns

Coaching any pattern has its challenges! But it’s important to get it right as the safety and long-term health of your client depends on your coaching skill level. During this session we’ll give you the tools to safely coach any client through a hierarchy of movements and skill and strength patterns.

Lunch / Networking

A chance to build relationships with other successful coaches.

Applied correctives

In this section of the seminar we’ll go through technique flaws you might see and the cues and correctives that have the biggest positive impact for the client. 

Developing strength

The full immersion now gets real as we go through various mechanisms and methods to develop strength. This is your opportunity to practice what you preach (and ramp things up with some high intensity work with your peers).


This is your chance to connect with us and your peers at a deeper level. Ask as many questions of the PCFA team as you like regarding all things business, coaching, mindset and lifestyle.

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This one-day event costs £249.
Only 40 places are available per event date.