Free webinar: Learn the Art of Energy System Training

Thu July 1, 2021
Starts at 2:00 pm

During this FREE webinar we will deep-dive into the PFCA way to ‘Learn the Art of Energy System Training’, a process that we all need to understand and is easy to follow.

Get access to the PFCA framework to designing highly effective work capacity sessions, learn how your language can influence the success of the work capacity your client can achieve and discover the hidden secret to progressive overload for ESD work.

Stop throwing anything on the whiteboard and hope it works, learn the art of designing work capacity programmes that build better engines, make your clients more resilient and increase overall adherence

By registering today, this webinar will allow you to build your clients ups rather than break them down. It will have a tremendous impact on your business and the lives of the people you serve.

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Topics We'll Cover

How to measure success

The reason why your work capacity sessions suck

1 thing holding your clients back from developing a better engine

OMs mindset when programming work capacity for MARCHON

The subtle art of hiding intensity

Your biggest opportunity when programming work capacity sessions for your clients

Your Speakers

Ollie Marchon

PFCA Founder & Head Coach

Co-Founder of the PFCA, Ollie is also the owner of one of the UK’s leading Functional Fitness brands, MARCHON: a best-in-class destination gym and innovative, online training and nutrition coaching platform.

His motivation is simple: to transform the fitness experience for consumers and coaches, redefine the industry standard and accelerate the career prospects of every fitness professional.

Having played professional rugby with England rugby 7s, he knows all too well what coaching and operating at the highest-level entails. He also has a first-class degree in sports and exercise science, and multiple strength and conditioning qualifications.

This unique skill set has enabled Ollie to build strong partnerships with leading fitness brands. He remains head of performance for the National Fitness Games and is the lead trainer of Functional Fitness for both Nike and Maximuscle.


Jenz Robinson

PFCA Founder & Head Coach

South-African born and bred, coach Jenz has a passion for helping people and a determination to be the best that has seen him reach a level few ever achieve.

Using the same drive and commitment that propelled him to play professional rugby in South-Africa, he opened his first gym at 25, motivated 1000s of clients to achieve their fitness goals and inspired numerous professional sportsmen to reach the highest level.

Jenz’s proven interpersonal skills make the complex simple, applicable and fulfilling for the coach and client.

His personal approach to education and development has led him to adopt a white-belt mentality. This hunger for improvement is just one of the reasons why the PFCA remains at the forefront of applied functional fitness training today.


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