Functional Fitness Coach

The most comprehensive and applicable client-centric coaching course for the functional fitness professional.

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The Professional Fitness Coaches Association is proud to announce the release of the most applicable & comprehensive course in the industry today.

The industry is changing and a coaches’ role is far more complex than just giving encouraging cues or looking good.

The blend of scientific principles mixed with the subtle art of coaching and communication skills are merely the start.

Outline of the Course

The FFC L1 aims to develop our coaches across these modules

You, the coach, the brand

Far too many coaches struggle with their identity, why they coach and their vision. A clear path of progression lies within this understanding.

Self-employed or Employed your OWN personal brand is vital for your success.

This module is all about prioritising YOU first.

Change Principles

Behaviour Change often seen as the buzzword in today’s fitness market. Ultimately your ability to truly help someone lies within this skillset.

We have compiled the PFCA Change principles with influences from change psychology, motivational interviewing & successful mindset practices.

Your ability to build buy-in is affected purely by your communication skills and your ability to connect the dots for each individual.

Onboarding Systems

No business is scalable without world-class systems in place. Herein lies the systems in which to nurture potential clients from the top of the funnel through your business that is in-line with your brand & core values.

Thus boosting professional identity and buy-in but also increases effectiveness & productivity.

Great coaches want to coach. So building systems in allows for YOU to do more of what you love with less anxiety and overwhelm.

FFC Assessment Protocol

The FFC assessment protocol is designed purely around the client in mind. Your ability to encourage people to move, move-well and slowly educate how to improve movement quality & capacity lies within a good assessment.

Without assessing you’re just guessing.

The story our movement screen will uncover will serve as the cornerstone to your expert programming skills.

Movement Hierarchy

Understanding the hierarchy of movement in-which to progress or regress individuals is essential in tailoring a coaching service to each client.

This allows us for greatest effectiveness and an improved instinctive process in larger group environments.

Functional Fitness Coaching

The most comprehensive resource covering coaching all variations of movement patterns with varying tools.

How to safely move someone from an air-squat to a BB OH Squat and the prerequisites that lie within each step.

This module will give you the principles around coaching every movement you might find in a functional training facility.

Corrective Exercise Systems

The art of corrective exercise prescription lies within your ability to understand the mechanism contributing to the lack of mobility, stability or strength at a given joint or joint action.

This prescription should be subtle and intelligently placed to encourage continual progress without our clients mistaking it for a physio session.

Programme Design for greater adherence & success

Program design is only as effective as your understanding of the individual/s you are programming for. It needs to be inline with your ethos and the goals of the client/s.

Our job as coaches are to educate & empower. Your ability to feed autonomy into your clients’ lives will only allow for greater progression for the client and you.

Energy System Enhancement

Understanding the mechanisms at play is vital in building a successful energy system programme. Often fed with a lot of unnecessary information that builds further confusion for coaches.

This module allows for a greater opportunity to put your client first and build a sustainable & healthy relationship with fitness that is both challenging & safe.


Enter your details below to be the first know when the 'Functional Fitness Coach' courses launches and receive a exclusive early bird discount code.

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