Our industry-leading, in-person seminars are an essential experience for anyone looking to understand the possibilities and principles of coaching functional fitness and transform their coaching practice.

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"The seminar has challenged my coaching beliefs and unlocked levels I didn’t know were possible." "

- Jack Smith, attendee


Learn the coaching systems and principles that have seen MARCHON grow to become the best coaching provider in functional fitness.

Many coaches looking to develop their coaching practice focus on new cues. But, there is so much more to discover. Learn how you can truly elevate your coaching practice in our FFC Live seminars.

Our ground-breaking FFC Movement Screen Protocol enables you to gain a deeper insight into your clients’ ability to move. It also allows you to gain reference points and tailor your programme to achieve the best possible results for each person.

Move away from painting-by-numbers coaching and become the kind of coach that has the skills to completely transform the lives of your clients.


Immerse yourself in our elite coaching community

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Our seminars are not just an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of elite coaching; they are an inspiring glimpse of what is possible.

Join us and you’ll leave with the skills to coach at the same standard we do and feel motivated to aim higher than ever before.

Discover how to make the complex simple, hone your skillset, perfect your interpersonal skills and redefine your coaching practice.

Whether you’re an experienced coach, a complete beginner or somewhere in-between, our seminars will take your ability, knowledge and career prospects in a new direction.

Seminar syllabus overview

Session 1:

All our seminars start with a brief intro. This allows us to outline the direction of the day, get a feel for the room and understand how to help you get the most from each session.

Session 2:
The Art of Movement

How can we see movement holistically? This module starts to unpack movement and movement quality, giving you the skills to recognise individual joints, joint segments and movement breakdowns.

Session 3:
The Warm-up

The right warm-up can completely transform your clients’ ability to move, reduce pain, simplify new techniques and encourage people to buy into your approach. We’ll show you how with the revolutionary PFCA warm-up protocol.

Session 4:
Master the Squat

Loading and developing the squat is an integral part of coaching. In this section of the seminar, we’ll unpick the myths that hold you and your clients back from success, and reveal the pro secrets of squatting in the gym.

Session 5:
Master the Hinge

Hinging in itself is not dangerous. However, poor movement quality and terrible coaching is. Find out how you can transform your clients’ lives by introducing well-executed hinge variations that help people move out of pain and make them stronger.

Session 6:
Master the Lunge

Unilateral training is the lost art of functional fitness. There is so much nuance and subtlety in this simple movement that when you truly understand how and when to use it, it can be a gamechanger.

Session 7:
Master the Upper Body

Far too many clients are dealing with chronic niggles. Discover how upper body exercises can help people to escape pain, feel stronger and ultimately look their best.

Session 8:
Programme Design Discussion

Some liken programming to the moment when the artist presses brush to canvas. Explore the creative possibilities for your practice and discover how our approach has enabled us to serve 1,000 people worldwide – online and in person each month.

Session 9:
Unlimited Belief

Connection and community are vital to growth. In this final session, we provide one-to-one support to help you break free from the limiting beliefs and barriers that hold you back from living your best life as a person and a coach.


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How do I know I can trust the PFCA to do my training?

The Professional Fitness Coaches Association has already helped 1000s of coaches to develop and grow their fitness businesses, worldwide. As a new student, you’ll receive the same amount of support, care and attention. All we ask is that you complete the coursework provided.

How much does the seminar cost?

The cost of the seminar is just £299.

What does the seminar entail?

The seminar will be a fully immersive day of on-the-floor coaching and practical application. It’s the perfect opportunity to put your coaching skills to the test.

What are the timings of the seminar?

Details and timings of the event can be found within the “book your place” button and within your confirmation email.