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Our industry-leading, in-person seminar is designed to transform your coaching practice.

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"The seminar has challenged my coaching beliefs and unlocked levels I didn’t know were possible."

- Jack Smith, attendee

Learn the coaching systems and principles that have seen MARCHON grow to the best coaching provider in functional fitness, for both in-person and online.

Many coaches seeking to develop their coaching practice are often after new cues. But there is so much more to coaching than cues. Find out how you can completely elevate your coaching practice with the FFC Live Seminar.

The FFC Movement Screen Protocol allows you to gain deeper insight into your clients’ ability to move, gain reference points and tailor all that you do for the possible success of each client.

Move away from paint-by-numbers coaching and become the kind of coach that has the skills to completely transform the lives of the people you serve.

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About This Seminar

This seminar syllabus is designed to inspire you as to what is possible in your coaching practice. You’ll leave with the skills to coach at the same standard that we do and feel motivated to be better than you’ve ever been.

Our biggest skillset is our ability to make the complex simple. This course is for anyone looking to grow and develop their coaching practice. Whether you’re a veteran coach, a complete newbie or anything in-between, we deliver this seminar at a level that will serve everyone.

Session 1:

All our seminars start with a brief intro. This allows us to set the culture for the day but equally get a feel of the room and how each of you may best be served.

Session 2:
The Art of Movement

How can we see movement as one? Can we recognise individual joints, joint segments or movement breakdowns? This module starts to unpack movement and movement quality.

Session 3:
The Warm-up

How can we transform our warm-ups so we can completely transform your clients’ ability to move better, reduce pain, learn new techniques and be fully bought into what you offer? This is what the PFCA warm-up protocol can do for you and your business.

Session 4:
Master the Squat

There is so much more to coaching, loading and developing the squat. In this section of the seminar we unpick all myths holding us and our clients back from success when squatting in the gym.

Session 5:
Master the Hinge

Hinging is not dangerous. But poor movement quality and terrible coaching is. Find out how you can transform your clients’ lives by learning how different, well-executed hinge variations can help move people out of pain and get them stronger.

Session 6:
Master the Lunge

Unilateral training is the lost art of functional fitness. There is so much nuance and subtlety that if understood, it can be a complete gamechanger for your business.

Session 7:
Master the Upper Body

Far too many clients are dealing with chronic niggles. Find out how you can get people out of pain, feeling stronger and ultimately looking their best with this session of the FFC Live seminar.

Session 8:
Programme Design Discussion

The moment when the artist takes to the canvas – programming should be just that. Find out how the systems that have seen us train close to 10,000 people across the world and in-person work.

Session 9:
The Wrap-up

Connection and community are very important to us. In this final session we connect with each of you as an individual and help you break free from any limiting beliefs or barriers that are holding you back from living your best life as a human and a coach.

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Ready To Become A World Class Personal Trainer?

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How do I know I can trust the PFCA to do my training?

The Professional Fitness Coaches Association has helped 100s of coaches develop and grow their respective fitness business. Each and every student will be given the same amount of care and attention provided they do the work required of them.

How much does the seminar cost?

Seminar cost is £249

What does the seminar entail?

The seminar will be a fully immersive day full of on the floor coaching and chance to put your coaching skills to the test.

What are the timings of the seminar?

Details and timings of the event can be found within the “book your place” button and within your confirmation email.